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I write to discover what I know.

The title of this entry is a Flannery O'Connor quote. She is one of my favorite writers, however I have to read her in small doses because she is brutal. This fall I went to Milledgeville, GA where she spent most of her life. I saw the farm where she lived and toured her home. While O'Connor was a fiction writer, she drew from her own experiences, the context of where she lived, her own experiences, and the people she encountered. Similarly, as academics, we often find ourselves studying ourselves - writing about where we have come from, our own experiences, and the people we have encountered.

As a doctoral student (or faculty member for that matter), we also discover what we know (or don't know) by writing. The article below, Helen Sword shares what she learned while writing Stylish Academic Writing and highlights four types of habits for good academic writing: Behavioral, Artisanal, Social, and Emotional.

I hope you find this article helpful. When you're done reading, get back to writing!

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