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What Now?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

You've finished all or most of your coursework and your comps. What's next?

Well... lots of things. Here is a recent article with some suggestions:

Additionally, you are probably getting ready to prepare your dissertation proposal. As you do that, keep in mind that this is in many ways a CONSULTATION. You are bringing an idea grounded in knowledge about the existing research and scholarship on your topic. You have a question that you're interested in and some well-developed ideas about how to explore the topic.

Some suggestions for preparing for your dissertation proposal:

1. Come in knowing what has already been studied on the topic.

2. Be prepared to share your research question. Have it refined. Have it clearly stated. I have found that many students struggle with the question which makes the proposal very challenging. Know what you want to learn about and have that captured in a clear research question.

3. Be prepared to share how you plan on answering your question.

4. Have a timeline for your study.

5. Finally, come in prepared for feedback.

It can be nerve-wracking, but your committee really should be dedicated to helping you be successful. Guidance at this stage is meant to help set you up for success (and hopefully an easier go of things) as you collect and analyze your data and write your dissertation.

Good luck!

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