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Michelle L. Boettcher,

Educator, Learner, Writer, Thinker

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I am a first-generation college student (and graduate student and faculty member). My career is the result of a series of seemingly random choices rather than a strategic plan. As a result, I have a healthy relationship with imposter phenomenon. 

After working in residence life and student conduct in higher education, I have found my calling to work as a faculty member currently at Clemson University. I teach law, ethics, and the contemporary college student course in our student affairs program as well as a variety of doctoral courses. I am the luckiest person I know.

In my research, I study student affairs and higher education practice and its overlap with policy, law, and ethics. Within that overlap, I work on projects related to:​​

  • Career Decision-Making (Grad Students & Practitioners)

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging            

  • Higher Education & Student Affairs in Popular Culture    

  • The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning                              

  • Work Environments and Navigating Institutional Culture 

None of the books in the library image here is my biography.

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Student Affairs and Higher Education in Popular Culture

Boettcher, M. L., Kelly, E., & Reed, S. (2022). The Niceties: Scripted provocation. The National Teaching and Learning Forum 32(1), 1-3.

Boettcher, M, Swanson, H., Brown, C., Wein, S., & Zina, N. (2022). Keeping Hogwarts Open: The complexities of Harry Potter in higher education. Journal of College Character, 23(4), 349-355.

Acosta, J., Boettcher, M. L., & ** Jenkins, L.,  (2022). [Review of the play The 

niceties, by Eleanor Burgess]. College Student Affairs Journal, 40(3), 152-155.  

Hood, K., Johnson, D., McKenzie, R., & Boettcher, M. L. (2022). [Review of the novel Real Life by Brandon Taylor]. New York Journal of Student Affairs.

Empty School Desks And Chairs

Belonging in Higher Education

Boettcher, M. L., Lange, A., Hanks, S., & Means, D. R. (2022). Rural Black and Latinx 

students: Engaging community cultural wealth in higher education. Journal of 

Research in Rural Education, 38(1).

Combs, J., Boettcher, M. L., Lange, A., & Hanks, S. (2020). Rural, Black, and distant: Building relationships to foster higher education access. In C. R. Chambers & L. Crumb (Eds.) African American Rural Education, 119-132. Emerald Publishing Limited.

Boettcher, M. L., Dillard, S., Dobbins, K., Jones, K., Lang, N., Palmer, H., Philip, E., Richmond, K., Wilkes, D., Xi, W. (2020). Homegoing: First generation college students navigating identity. New York Journal of Student Affairs, 20(1).

Boettcher, M. L., Earnest, K., Eason, A., & Lewis, L. (2019). The cultivation of 

support networks by Students of Color in a residence hall setting at a 

predominantly White institution. The Journal of College and University Student Housing, 45(2).

Piles of Books

Books & Book Chapters

Boettcher, M. L. & Salinas, C. (2024). Law and ethics in academic and student affairs: Developing an Institutional Intelligence approachRoutledge.

Boettcher, M. L., Wagner, R., Howard, J. L., & Cawthon, T. W., Eds. (2019).  Social justice practice in residential communities [Monograph]. New Directions for Student Services, 2019 (168).

Salinas, C., & Boettcher, M. L., Eds. (2018).  Critical perspectives on hazing in colleges

and universities: A guide to disrupting hazing culture.  Routledge/Taylor and 


Boettcher M.L., Holmes A. C. (2021) Social justice interventions in college and university residence halls. In: Mullen C. (Eds.) Handbook of Social Justice Interventions in Education. Springer International Handbooks of Education.


Beatty, C. C., & Boettcher, M. L. (2019). My culture is not a costume: Institutional practices and racism. New Directions for Student Services, 2019(165), 39-49.

Boettcher, M. L., Babb, S., & Perez, C. (2019). Multicultural and diversity competence: Theory and its application. In N. Zhang & M. Howard-Hamilton, (Eds.) Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Student Affairs Practice: A Professional Competency-Based Approach (pp. 64-82). Charles C. Thomas Publisher. 

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Teaching Innovators: Michelle Boettcher

September 20, 2022

Courses Taught

Teaching is awesome.

EDSA 8080: Legal and Ethical Issues in Student Affairs

EDL 9500: Education Policy, Law, & Ethics

EDSA 8190: Contemporary College Student

EDL 9620: Governance in Higher Education

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Current Projects

Representation of Higher Education in Board Games

Improvisation Skills in Navigating   Higher Education

The Role of the Personal Essay in Student Affairs

Realizing Zen

This is my personal blog.
It has very little to do with anything academic.

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