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Graduate School Success

Here is an article worth taking a look at. NOTE: It really focuses on grad students who are looking to be academics rather than grad students looking to do things outside of the faculty track. However, there is still some helpful information for everyone here.

My favorite item on this list of 30 things to consider in being successful in grad school is this one:

"30. Finally, write your own list. Don’t just copy this down. Edit it. Disagree with it. Improve it. Print it up. Put it on the fridge. Argue about it. The point of any such list isn’t to give you a pathway; it is to help you find your own."

Figuring out your needs, goals, and who you want on your team is essential. Take a moment to start a list. Revise as you learn more and can make a better list. Finally, keep your list handy so when you hit the wall (and we all hit the wall at times), you can refer back to your core needs and values.

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