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The Dissertation Defense Day.


So if you're nervous about your dissertation defense, here are some things to consider:

1. If you've chosen your committee well, they want to see you succeed.

2. The purpose of the dissertation, I was once told, was to let you engage with other scholars on as much of a peer level as possible until you are actually peers .

3. I have also heard that the purpose of the dissertation is for doctoral students to show that they understand how to create knowledge by showcasing that they have created knowledge.

4. Try to enjoy the day as much as possible. It's a super big deal.

5. REMEMBER: You know more about your topic than anyone else in the room. You have been immersed in it. You have read the related literature. You have prepared to talk about what you know and what it means for future practice and research.

You got this. Now go do it.

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