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No matter how organized you are or focused or dedicated. No matter how confident you are that you are headed toward success through the doctoral program, you are going to encounter some obstacles. You may have a meltdown or two or four. You may doubt your ability. Then you may think you are unstoppable - all in the span of 3-4 seconds.

Regardless, when you hit that wall and you have your doubts, I suggest acknowledging that you are doubting yourself. Then I suggest that you take a moment and find something to appreciate or something to make you laugh.

You are going to have obstacles in the process. People or events will get in your way. Someone might make you question your entire project. Those moments of struggle are the gateways to learning. And they kind of suck. Sometimes a lot.

The other night I came across this on Twitter:

Now tekla (someone I do not know, but admire a great deal) could have been furious and yelled and screamed and felt defeated. It's possible that they did - BUT, they also not only pulled humor from the moment, but shared that humor.

I'm not suggesting you hand over your only handwritten copy of the next paper you have due or your first draft of your dissertation proposal to a kid with a box of new crayons. I'm just saying, we get to decide how we engage with moments that don't go as we had hoped or planned.

Now get back to work!

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