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Who Are You?

I recently read or heard someone that no two people see us the same way. We are literally customized for every person we meet. Sometimes that is cool and -- since we aren't in charge of all the customized aspects of who we are to others -- sometimes it is less cool.

The reality is all of those selves are true to who we are - at least in part. As you start, proceed through, and complete your program, you will become new things to yourselves and to others. An example...

I had a meeting with the director of our student health center the day before I defended my dissertation. I had a meeting with her the day after I (successfully) defended my dissertation. She treated me completely differently. I was the same person I had been not 48 hours earlier, but the degree changed how she saw and engaged with me. That was weird to me.

The truth is, we each change pretty much every day. Figure out who you think you are and strive to meet or exceed your own expectations. Offer yourself grace if you come up short occasionally, but strive to do well (not to be perfect, but to do well). And, if you can, have fun creating the new iterations of yourself.

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