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Teaching AND Doing Research as a Doctoral Student

Whether you are teaching, working full time, or a full-time student, there are great pieces of advice in this article. One of my favorites is about not working in isolation. I tried writing groups when I was a doc student and they didn't work for me. What DID work for me, was talking to other people. Hearing about their challenges and successes made me feel less alone since many of us face the same obstacles as we do our programs.

For those of you who ARE teaching, I love that this article suggests you use your best time of day for writing and research not for teaching prep. I agree completely. And I fail at this over and over again. I think this is because teaching is about others and research and writing is about me and seems "selfish." I have to remind myself that academic work is very largely selfish. Getting a dissertation - while it may help others, is almost exclusively a self-imposed and self-driven reward.

But selfish isn't always a bad thing. Being too selfless comes with high costs just like being to selfish does. Anyway, the section on paying yourself first is good advice if you can take it.

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